Haight Street Fair

booth externalHere's our tent setup out front of our shop. booth displayWildcard trunk sale clothing display. Also a few purses by Karyn Crisis. booth meganHere's Megan cheerfully passing out fliers. fair shotStreet view of the fair.fair robotSome street kid in a cardboard robot outfit.booth crowdBooth customers.fair lisaLisa trying to remain cool in the midst of the chaos.booth crowd2More booth customers checking out our selection of body jewelry, organic plugs and some wacky nick knacks. Is that a Pokemon backpack?  booth crowd 3More booth customers.fair customerCustomer browsing our book selection. madisonOur new shop mascot! 

This fair was insane. A mass of aging hippies and their families descended upon our neighborhood to enjoy the various meat kabobs, drum circles, cardboard robots and tye dyed fashions. More Crocs and less Birkenstocks this year. I haven't decided yet which I find more offensive.  Of all the things I saw today, I believe the strangest was the "prayer tent."  Who comes to a street fair to pray in a tent all day? To each, his own. Speaking of preaching, I also enjoyed the ten different medical marijuana information booths. Did you know you can use marijuana as medicine??  You can also power your car, build your house and wipe your ass with it! Dude, no way! I can't believe I have never heard of this miracle plant before. Thanks for coming to the Haight  today to teach us about it. O.K., I'm getting salty, I better stop. We're all exhausted and glad it's over.  See you next year.

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