How to: Septum piercing

DSC00200First you tell her you are not going to hurt her.DSC00202Then you jam two q-tips up her nose.DSC00203When your finished, double check to see if you got all the boogers out.DSC00204Make sure the retainer is wide enough to fit.DSC00207Line up your needle.DSC00209Stab!DSC00211DSC00213All done.DSC00214Place the retainer through the new hole.DSC00217And now this babe is officially a super mega babe. Septum piercing executed by Nef Haskell.

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I’m curious to how old you need to be and how expensive septum piercings are.


this girl is so hot!

hey boiz

I got my spetum pierced by Nef this past Saturday. He did a really good job. He was fast and HONESTLY it was by far the easiest piercng i have ever had! Thanks Nef YOU ROCK!!!


A super mega babe is right!

Ally B

What do we think of them? We think septum stretching is fucking awesome!


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