Michael Jackson - Rest in Peace

photo-1Justin's new Michael Jackson tattoo done by Beth Gould.photo-2Lisa's MJ tattoo also done by Bethy.

So unless your living under a rock you might have heard that "the king of pop" died today. There are many reasons to be happy and there are many reasons to be sad about it. I never gave much thought to living in a post-Michael Jackson world. It's going to take some getting used to. He raised the bar to astronomical heights for both entertainers and pedophiles alike. "Thiller" was the first record I ever bought as a child and I listened to it endlessly. May he find the peace in heaven he apparently could not find with one hundred gajillion dollars. Your dad can't hurt you anymore Michael, you are finally safe. R.I.P.


p.s.     I can't believe Elizabeth Taylor outlived MJ! wtf? way to go Jesus..

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