Rebecca Fiduccia

tattooinnWe had a guest tattoo artist this Sunday from Philadelphia. Her name is Rebecca Fiduccia. Unfortunately this boring photo is the only one I got of her and her work because........

fox lookin'........we were all too busy playing with her pet fox she brought in.

holdin foxfox sleepin'Is that not the cutest goddamn thing you have ever seen? Thanks for helping out Rebecca, it was nice to meet you. Btw - call us soon because we would like to hang out with your fox while you tattoo again.

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oh my god, i live with him every day and he still is just the cutest little #!**er in the whole world. i’ll be back there with him the first few weeks of sept to find a place, i’ll be working at old crow, i oakland. i really enjoyed working with you guys and it was spectacular the have babysitters for the little gremlin. he was so well cared for. anytime you need someone to fill in gimmie a call. my boy clay willoughby is also trying to move to sf, i’m sure (hopefully) your artist’s eyes have recovered from laser surgery by now, but if you could use another artist, that’d be amazing, your shop was a really great environment to work in. nice shop, nice people, nice location, hard to find a total package like that. hopefully you’ll be seeing gonzo around often pretty soon!

rebecca fiduccia

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