Lesbian Army invades the Mission District

crowd establish1They amassed in the early evening at Dolores Park.

crowd establish3By bringing traffic to a standstill, their first objective was completed.

DykeByke establishAt 7:00 pm they launched their first wave of attack. Leading with a calvary of "Dykes on Bikes," they smashed their way through the streets. A very effective offensive maneuver and also a crowd favorite.

mc lady 1st

mc lady 3 mc lady1mc lady nakedJust like the Norse berzerker warriors of ancient times, who fought to the death covered only in the blood of their enemies, these two ladies were obviously the most fearsome  of the bunch.

rascalsWithout warning, the second wave was released. The thunderous roar of the lesbian rascal scooter gang could be heard for miles.

rascal 2crowd establishThen all hell broke loose as the infantry swept through the streets like a tidal wave. We held fast on a fire escape and were able to document the chaos that ensued.

RodOne lone heterosexual man begged us for help but for our own safety, we could not open the door. By the time we found a rope to lower to him, he was swept away in an ocean of lesbians. We could still hear his screams from blocks away.

crowd establish2dyke rightsflag girlpride hawkpiratetattooed babesHere's a couple of tattooed babes enjoying the march.

bikini babeslisa janellaLisa and Janella from Tawapa pounded Tequila and enjoyed the day as we cowered in our darkened apartment.

As always, whenever a group of homosexuals wants to get together in San Francisco, block off the streets and get wasted, Jesus smiles upon them with the gift of perfect weather. A beautiful day turned into a long night of celebration. Another Pride Weekend come and gone. Another day in the life of our wonderful city.

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