Triangle Piercings

Triangle1 black shirt cbbThere are several different ways to pierce your genitals. Some piercing provide certain benefits and some are just for looking good. The "triangle" piercing is our most popular genital piercing. It has both form and function. Not only is it a good looking piercing, it also enhances certain moods when it is manipulated.  Here are several examples done with different types of jewelry. All of these were done by Tom Landon.triangle3 cbb triangle2 2cbb white shirtHere we have a circular barbell.triangle2 cbb white shirtsideview triangle4Captive ring.triangle6

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How do you personally do this type of piercing? And how many have you done?

Heather Whirry

That’s an urban myth. Piercers DO NOT pierce the “clit” itself, they pierce the flap of skin above it. There is no chance of any kind of nerve damage or loss of sensation.


I’m thinking about getting vertical clit hood piercing, but I’ve heard that there could be nerve damage. Is that true or an urban myth?


No one pierces the actual clit itself, so you don’t need to worry about the size of yours.


how do you know if your clit is big enough to pierce?


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