BBQ Apocalypse

bima sausageWould you eat a sausage from this man?alyssa"Did you say sausage?"

lily michelle and saraLily, Michelle and Sara stopped by.

megan michelle mikeMegan's like a deer in headlights as Michelle makes a move for her man.

Derick and robDerick and Rob.

marcoPeople got drunker.

mark bullet beltStarted dressing up...

Sara and LisaLisa and Sara big drinky time

grilled pirannaGrilled Pirana and other assorted Sea Monsters. foodLook at that spread. Looks pretty good in the photo. You can hardly tell it's in a three foot wide alley where we usually keep our garbage cans.

lukeThis homeless guy here started going through our trash and we had to throw him out.

dave pickle and meganDave got hammered and tried to show Pickle and Megan his boner.

Dave and SaraSara ended up being more receptive.

Tommy and AlyssaTommy and Alyssa.

Shoe biz babeWho let those shoe biz kids in?

lisa mark and derickLisa, Mark and Derick

mark smokeMark's farewell BBQ was awesome. Later man!

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