Eye Patches (a brief history)

5-most-soulful-eye-patches-in-cinema-00-300-75Snake Plissken

Escaped from a New York maximum security super prison. Then did it again, 20 years later, in L.A.

sevenofnineSeven of Nine

Cyborg space babe who single handedly saved Voyager from cancelation.

eyepatch_goonies20One Eyed Willie

Rotted pirate corpse.


Leader of an ancient serpentine civilization who live in a secret base in the arctic. His plans for world domination have a been a real pain in the ass for one of america's elite fighting forces.

NUP_107036_0314Colonel Saul Tigh

The most drunk guy on board the Battlestar Galactica.

Tom-Cruise-ValkyrieTom Cruise

Totally sucks at killing hitler.

nickfury0Nick Fury

The greatest super spy in the marvel universe.

sam jackson nick furyBlack Nick Fury

Marvel turned Nick Fury black. Then they gave him a black trench coat like that guy in the matrix. Except it's not that guy from the matrix, it's Samuel L. Jackson.

david_hasselhoff_nick_furyDavid Hasslehoff as Nick Fury

Marvel fans worst nightmare.

derickDerick Montez

Tattooist extraordinaire. Can see fourth dimensional shapes and colors beyond the range of normal human beings.


Odin the Allfather. Leader of the Norse gods. Father to the mighty Thor. Responsible for breathing life into mankind. Thanks dude.

harlock_newsCaptain Harlok

Space pirate, human freedom fighter and fashion icon.

5-most-soulful-eye-patches-in-cinema-800-75General Chang

Klingon general. Does not need a strap for his patch because he nailed it into his face.

major bluddMajor Bludd

This former Norteno, at the age of 14, was enlisted by the terrorist organization known as "Cobra." Today he is one of america's most wanted.... and feared.

_40966996_moody"Mad Eye" Moody

Ferret lover and hunter of dark wizards.

DavidBowie-EyePatch"Ziggy Stardust"

In the early 70's people were amazed by "Ziggy" who claimed to be an alien who had fallen to earth. He turned out to be a bi-sexual from England named David Bowie.

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