Surface Piercing

Here's a surface piercing by Tommy Landon

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How much will it cost me to get surface piercing above my hips on both sides?


I have that same piercing on my eye I’ve had it since maybe January but maybe a month or so ago I got a small red bump near my bottom ball some times pus comes out of it also it can become very sore I cab get it almost completely gone then some how it comes back again I use a antibacterial soap like twice a day I do hot soaks and I use warm camomile tea bags I really don’t want to take the piercing out because I love it but I’m not sure how to make it go away


It depends on your body. We have not noticed a high rejection rate on our customers. We do these piercings quite often.


im interested in getting my hip bone pierced, but i heard that the rejection rate is high, is that true?


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