Fine Healing Goods Wellness Drops 1000mg

$ 115.00 USD

Our most potent CBD wellness drops

Organic Colorado-grown, full spectrum hemp extract is infused in organic coconut oil (MCT) in our natural, phytocannabinoid and antioxidant-rich Wellness Drops. The purity and quality of natural hemp extract and the anti-inflammatory properties engage with your cannabinoid system, make for a relaxing experience, heightening the senses and improving the feeling of overall well-being. Fine Healing Goods’ non-intoxicating formula for these drops leaves you feeling clear, connected, and balanced both physically as well as mentally.

to use: Enjoy a full dropper with 33mg of CBD for the full effect, and repeat as desired.

ingredients: coconut oil (MCT), organic full spectrum hemp extract

1000mg CBD / 1oz / 30mL