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What happens if I get a keloid on the inside of my nose? How do I treat it?


How much for a nose piecing?


So I really want to get my nose pieced. I’m thinking of just coming with my friend cuz my mom doesn’t want to come with me. I’m 16 years old, do I need a parent worth me, and do I need to bring anything (like an ID) with me? And how much would it cost?
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so despite what the website says you still think I’d see the best results without usin any sort of
soak or saline solution? I’ve been applying h2ocean 3 times a day and rinsing it with a little bit of dial soap and hot water and soaking it in that for 3 minutes once a day. it hasn’t really gone away, only slightly. I just want this pesky thing gone!


Please stop using iodized salt. The red bump is not a keloid. Here is a great link that explains how to take care of those red bumps that can sometimes occur on a nostril piercing. They are very common and can take a few weeks to completely go away. I have found that the best solution is to just leave it be. They are caused from irritation and the more you try and heal it, the more you irritate it and the longer it seems to last. I wish there was something better I could recommend that would make it go away faster, but time seems to be the best treatment in this case. Check out this link for further info.


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