Formulary 55 Apothecary Candle

$ 24.00 USD

Formulary 55 candles are made of the finest natural waxes and blended with essential oils and phthalate free perfumes to create beautiful scent combinations. Hand poured into amber containers, each candle burns evenly and cleanly for over 60+ hours. 9 oz. amber glass jar (3" around 3.25" tall.)

Non-toxic, recyclable and derived from completely renewable resources, this candle is perfect for anyone concerned with their health and the environment. VEGAN (all vegetable wax/no beeswax)

Balsam & Fir is a very fresh and woodsy blend. Very forest-like... but sells year round. Imagine fresh green fir and blend with a deep amber fragrance, then add in a pinch of real balsam. Very “clean” smelling, but the amber and balsam add a bit of a vanilla like depth.

Lavender & Vervain These 100% essential oil candles combine French Lavender with fresh clean herbal Vervain. These botanical candles are handmade in small batches of natural ingredients. A truly luxurious and long lasting candle.

Black Tea & Tobacco Smoky, deep and earthy. A mix of black tea, pipe tobacco and an amazing vetiver essential oil make up this blend.